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My niece, Olivia.

Olivia is a bilateral transfemoral amputee (both her legs were amputated above the knees) and she has End Stage Renal Disease.  Please make a donation to keep a roof over her head and for transportation to appointments she must attend to get on a the kidney transplant list. Please Click here to donate with PayPal    Please scroll down past the pictures to read more.

Her Uncle Brian and I watched  Olivia grow up with our kids and she is like one of our own.

OLIVIA on uncle shoulder
Brian Bernard with Olivia (1984)

Her Uncle Brian passed away 10 years ago.

If he were alive today he would be heartbroken to know the hard times that have befallen Olivia.  Olivia is not well.  

Olivia has End Stage Renal Disease (Stage 5 Kidney Failure) and must undergo peritoneal dialysis treatment 10 hours daily to stay alive. Olivia needs a kidney transplant.

Oliva is a severely disabled and entirely mobility impaired.  She had bilateral above-the-knee amputations due to injury and subsequent infection.  Olivia requires oxygen around the clock and when she must leave home her portable oxygen only lasts 90 minutes.   This makes it impossible for her to use insurance provided or public transportation.

Olivia has become disabled and is seriously ill through no fault of her own. She does the best she can to take care of herself, but she is struggling mightily.

Please don’t wait until it is too late to reach out.

Everyone that knew Brian Bernard knew of his love and devotion to family, and his generosity towards those in need. Will you please, in memory of Brian Bernard give a donation to help Olivia.  It would be a wonderful tribute to him as we near the 10th anniversary of his passing.

Click here to send money securely with PayPal

OLIVIA recent
Olivia has grown into a beautiful young lady.

I hope to raise enough money to cover her rent for a couple of months and if possible to get a fund started to buy Olivia a vehicle which can be adapted with hand controls.

I’m going to be visiting Olivia and hope to bring her a much needed refurbished power wheelchair.  I will update as needed but I can be contacted on FaceBook if anyone has any questions.

On behalf of my late husband, Brian Bernard, thank you for your help.

Bernard PayPal Fund for Olivia

Update:  I’m going flying out to Olivia on Saturday the 30th.  Any donations will go right away towards helping pay her rent in August and for transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands.  I haven’t received any donations as of Monday, July 25th, so please even if you yourself can’t help, please ask others who may be able to  help, and share the link to this page with others.  Thank you. – Eva Bernard




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